How To Use Vertical Connector Subnautica? Complete Guide

vertical connector

All players in Subnautica will eventually build bases, which is an important step. below zero, but it depends on the complexity of these bases. Players can make full use of the vertical space in addition to building a base that spans two planes horizontally, which is certainly acceptable. How to use vertical connector subnautica?

The player must first acquire a habitat generator in order to construct a vertical connector. In order to explore verticality in this area, most players will likely already have this element since it is what allows players to create a base in the first place.

What Is Vertical Connector In Subnautica?

It relates to a component that will enable you to utilize vertical space in order to build bases in this manner and utilize the three-dimensional nature of underwater space; in other words, this will enable you to build and depart when establishing your base. Consequently, we encourage you to read on if you want to learn how to use vertical connectors and maximize their potential.

vertical connector

How To Use Vertical Connector In Subnautica?

The habitat generator, which you should already have if you are at this stage of exploring verticality, is the first thing you will need to obtain before you can start building bases.

Two readily available Habitat Builders made of titanium will be required to create the vertical connector. Place the piece as you would with a piece of a different type, but keep in mind that the vertical connectors can only be used with the modules in compartment I, which are located at the bottom of compartments T and X.

No matter how high the vertical connector is, you can climb through it using a ladder since you can use either a one-piece ladder or four stacked vertical connectors.

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Where can I put the vertical connector in Subnautica?

At the time of writing, Vertical Connectors can only be attached to the I Compartment, I Glass Compartment on the bottom, T Compartment, and X Compartment base modules. Only additional Vertical Connectors can accommodate this piece in other base modules.

Can you put a ladder in a large room Subnautica?

Ladders can be placed where ceiling tiles are located, so long as another Large Room is above the tile. Perfect stacking of large rooms is possible.

Is Subnautica an open-world game?

Subnautica is an open-world horror survival action-adventure video game developed and published by Entertainment Unknown Worlds. After their spaceship, the Aurora, crashes on the surface of the alien planet 4546B, players are free to explore the ocean.

The Bottom Line

That being said, we hope you will be able to use the vertical connector in Subnautica Below Zero as effectively as possible to improve the quality of your constructions now that you are aware of how to use it.

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